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Tanweer Investments was set up with the initial aim of its founders to offer investments opportunities in developing countries, with its headquarters based in London. Initially focused on governmental projects and services, Tanweer Investments soon saw the need to make its consummate and unrivalled services available to various sectors of business and resultantly began to pursue corporate-based investments, notably real estate and property management, equity management and worldwide goods trading. The move, based on Tanweer acknowledging initiatives globally, was signified by the synchronised opening of further offices in Geneva, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Today, with its headquarters situated in London, Tanweer Investments operates in over 4 continents with acquisitions, investments and corporate ventures in many nations including the UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, UK and Germany. Uniquely Tanweer Investments have managed to espouse their naissance principle of government related projects, whilst synonymously pattering into diversified sectors, such as Energy and Irrigation, Agriculture and Provisions, Logistics and Security to name a few.

Tanweer Investment’s rapid and continual success has been down to unrelenting diligence, the ability to identify and pursue investor opportunities and the financial and political backing to sustain such investments/projects. Most markedly however, is the catalytic role of Tanweer Investments’ main goal of ensuring our investors receive the most conclusive and earnest advice to ensure the highest returns on their capital. In essence, to treat each investment as if it were our own.





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