Carpet Regeneration

Tanweer Investments is pleased to present in proud partnership with Her Highness Shaikha Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates, the Tanweer FBMI UAE Centre for Carpet Production and Community Development.

By partnering with Tanweer Investments based in Afghanistan, Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed’s aim is to create sustainable development by empowering women. The Initiative provides women with employment in the carpet production process, an industry they already possess skills in. It also offers them and their families critical social services in healthcare and education. The result is a holistic effort whose benefits are seen not only in fruitful employment, but also in healthier and happier families and communities.

Our belief is to support projects, which create jobs and promote the exportation of Afghan products worldwide. We are committed to investing in those areas that will have a positive impact on society and further advance the social economic conditions in Afghanistan .

It is our view that strategically placed investment in a modern facility, which makes use of traditional expertise, would be profitable and would provide employment for the women and other under- privileged in parts of Afghanistan where there is a great lack of suitable industry.

With more than 25 years of experience in the hand-made carpet industry, Tanweer finds it a necessity to give back to the Afghan industry that we are very familiar with. Our initiative ensures that the following benefits are generated in a process that will modernise the Afghan carpet industry:

Employment, Education and Healthcare Offering employment for women (especially widows), routine monthly health checks and compulsory education for the children of employed women are the main focus of this project.

We empower women by giving them eligible income, healthy employment, and educated children. Today, this project is improving the social- economic conditions of women and other local residents receiving our services. The carpet regeneration project beneficiaries and local area residents are benefiting from the employment and business opportunities; in addition the centre’s medical team routinely conduct monthly health check-ups for the employees and their families.

Vocational Skills and Training Additionally, vocational courses are implemented during the carpet process, this includes training women who spin wool to better their expertise and move onto more lucrative professions such as carpet weaving. Our estimates indicate that 40% of women spinning wool for their livelihood will better their skills and advance to weaving within the first 18 months. Subsequently, we employ bright young designers from Universities in order to develop tasteful and contemporary designs. In the future we look forward to implementing a designing and dying course to achieve future prospective experts in carpet design.

Support The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has shown its full support towards our project. Subsequently, Tanweer Investments also has the full support of the Afghan Ministry of Education in aiding all the children to enrol in schools.

Environment By using natural dyes and natural washing methods, there is no environmental damage to the Kabul River, which runs into Pakistan and eventually joins the Indus. Water comes from within our own centre and flow out to the septic tank. This means that used and contaminated water is kept within our grounds and disposed of carefully and properly rather than let loose in the community.

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