Agriculture makes up 55% of Afghanistan’s GDP, employs 80% of the total Afghan workforce in rural areas and is one of the largest exports. Agricultural development will determine whether Afghanistan will succeed in the long run to become self-sufficient, in turn guaranteeing food security and helping to rebuild the ailing economy.

Nimroz is located in the southwest of Afghanistan neighboured on the north by the province of Farah, on the east by Helmand, on the south by Pakistan and on the west by Iran. A 221km border is shared with Pakistan and a 220km border with Iran highlighting its geopolitical importance among the 34 provinces of Afghanistan

The province of Nimroz is rich in heritage, culture and arts. Agriculture and Husbandry is the core of the economy, locally employing in excess of 85% of the population. The production and export of the province range from Sistani cows to Gheljai sheep in livestock and wheat, cereals, sesame seeds and various kinds of fresh fruits in regards to cultivation.

The Kamal Khan Flood Control and Power Project (KKFCPP) is located on the Helmand River, in Nimroz Province about 18 km downstream of Char Burjak and 70 km south of Zaranj, the capital of Nimroz Province. The principal purpose of this project is to divert flows in excess of the beneficial downstream requirements away from the existing river channel into an ancient river channel system. From there the excess water flow is diverted into a vast natural depression, the Gowd-i-Zereh, where it no longer presents a flood damage hazard. The construction of this dam will mean that thousands of local people will be employed in agriculture, husbandry and farming. It will not only cover food needs of Afghanistan, but also the region in total.

Consequently, we are confident that investments in rehabilitation of agriculture sector in this province will not only be profitable to the investors, but to the local people and Afghanistan as a whole. Employment will be generated in the tens of thousands, alternative livelihoods will prosper, and legal incomes will greatly help stop illegal migration to neighbouring countries for employment. Nimroz and surrounding provinces will also see stabilization in terms of security.





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